Why Yoga Is Good For Fat Burning

Yoga is often written off as an easy workout by a lot of people which is certainly wrong. After all, stretching and chanting only puts you in a calming and meditative mindset, but does it burn fat?

The truth is yoga burns fat. The different asanas require strength, balance, flexibility and a lot of endurance which eventually leads to calories getting burned. Depending on the many different poses, yoga can torch between 180-600 calories in an hour.

The start of your yoga practice should begin with a warm up. This is important in preparing your mind and muscles. Each daily practice should have a different routine as posing with same routine every day will lead to boredom. Sequencing different asanas for each practice will keep your muscles from adapting. The constant change of poses will have impact on the muscles which will help you to get the most fat reduction benefits.

You will burn more calories with power yoga poses rather than the restorative ones. If you are looking to drop some pounds, here are some of the yoga for burning fat poses that you should incorporate in your practice.


This asana burns mega calories because it makes all your body muscles engaged while forcing it to resist gravity. Increase more calorie burn by raising one foot one/two inches off the ground. The longer you stay in this pose, the more body calories you burn.


This pose is like holding up to the lower part of a push up. It involves all your major muscles. It engages your legs, contracts your core while your arms work to maintain a 90-degree angle in the elbow. Chaturanga is a thoroughly engaging pose that burns a lot of calories.


Besides yoga, high lunge is a very common pose in workouts.it is a strengthening pose that works for the whole body and requires a lot of balance since you are balancing high up on the ball of the back foot. Whenever balance is required for any pose, the body is forced to work harder, burning more calories.


Is a yoga asana that requires you to bend your knees with the thighs parallel to the floor while raising your arms perpendicular to the floor. This move activates the largest muscles in the body, the glutes. Activation of glutes require a lot of energy which automatically leads to a lot of calories getting burned.


It involves a series of 12 poses which are strung together in sequence. These asanas activate the cardiovascular system while engaging glutes, abs, shoulders, biceps and triceps. They stretch, strengthen and energize body muscles fusing together breath and movement. A lot of energy is used to complete this series of poses, which lead to a lot of calories being burned.

For all the mentioned asanas and other yoga for burning fat poses that you might use, ensure that you intensify your practice. Increasing the intensity of each pose will build your muscle strength, burn more calories and reduce fat. It is also important to lengthen the duration and frequency of your practice as you progress for maximum benefits.