Foods You Should Not Consume

The toughest part in attempting to lose weight is seeking to refrain from temptation. The fact remains, the most awful foods for you usually appear to be the most scrumptious or enjoyable. The nice thing is that there is reduced calorie or more healthy substitute should you be craving for foods which are fatal to your fat burning efforts. The following is a list of foods you must avoid when trying to reduce weight.

Stick margarine products

These types of fat-laden bread spreads may taste terrific but they pack a horrible punch. Not merely does one tablespoon of standard stick margarine brand comprise of a substantial 100 calories, they also consist of cholesterol. The terrible news doesn’t conclude there either – stick margarine provides trans fat. It lessens your good cholesterol level whilst enhancing your body’s bad cholesterol levels. Trans fat are also able to contaminate your bloodstream and also tends to give a boost to clotting which can result in strokes.


One of the primary reasons there is an overweight epidemic in the United States is because of the wide accessibility and demand of soda drinks. These are generally simply flavored water packed with lots of sugar. The primary source of sugar practically in most US soda brands originates from high fructose corn syrup.

You don’t obtain any kind of vitamins or even nutrients from soft drinks. You simply get plenty of ’empty calories’ because of soda drinks’ excessive sugar content. The terrible news is that sodas also carry certain acids that may cause your bones to become weak and can even harm your teeth. For that reason it is far better to stay away from soda so that you can remain fit and not get obese.

Whole milk

The next item which comes in our list is whole milk. Long promoted as a nutritious drink full of protein as well as calcium, whole milk in reality has even more drawbacks than benefits. Sure, it might include animal-based healthy proteins and calcium, but it is also packed with cholesterol and has higher levels of saturated fat. Exactly why is saturated fat harmful? This kind of fat enhances your blood’s level of bad cholesterol. Moreover it packs a substantial amount of calories. If you would like a healthier, no-cholesterol substitute try out soy milk.


One of the tastiest snacks you may reward yourself is sinking your teeth into a few freshly-baked bagels. Your taste buds are going to celebrate as the fluffy exterior provides way to a thicker flour interior. Topped with freshened Philly cream cheese, it’s extremely simple to slip off into gastronomic paradise. Exactly why bagels help in fat gain? To start with, standard bagels are made of processed wheat flour.

This sort of flour has almost all nutritional as well as beneficial compounds stripped out. Almost no dietary fiber, as well as hardly any nutrients can be found in these food items. Unfortunately bagels don’t utilize yeast and are exceptionally dense. Therefore you get plenty of calories crammed into one undersized package. As pointed out above, these calories don’t possess dietary fiber or even a lot of nutrients at all. As stated by some studies, one regular bagel is just like four or five slices of normal low-nutrition white bread.

Hot dogs

Who hasn’t recently been to a ball game or perhaps local park and relished hot dogs? Hot dogs are exceedingly popular since they are simple to take a bite on the go and they are very easy on your pocketbook. They can additionally be particularly yummy. Having said that, hot dogs don’t significantly contribute to your overall health. To begin with, they are packed with salt as well as saturated fat. In the second place, they are seasoned in such a manner that it isn’t difficult to consume two or three hotdogs in a single sitting.

It will be smart to become acquainted with which food items are healthy choices and which foods you should avoid to lose weight. The above list will assist you to figure out which foods to steer clear of, and this most assuredly will get you well on the way to achieve the figure you have always dreamt of!